Sapien Trace

[photo by Paul Murray]

Saturday 29 August, 8pm
Live music from The Globe! … But you can only watch it on a screen, for now.

On Saturday 29 August electro-synth-rock band Sapien Trace will be performing at The Globe. The gig will be streamed live and you can watch it again at any time. The Globe will remain closed to the public so please do not try to attend the gig in person. We are planning to allow audiences in The Globe as soon as we can accommodate them safely and within government guidelines.

Sapien Trace formed in 2017 and their sound comprises a mix of all of their diverse influences. They will throw you into their sci-fi world with jackhammer beats, intense synthesizer riffs and distinctive yet contrasting vocals with global airplay including the BBC and Kerrang and impressive performances at a wide variety of venues and festivals.
“Imagine Rammstein and The Prodigy meet at a party in space with Pendulum driving.” (NE Volume).
“Sci-fi rock at its finest” (The Crack).

So that the musicians can get paid, we ask you to pay a small ‘entrance fee’, which we recommend should be £5 per person. If you are able to pay a bit more this will be really welcome at this time when gig income for musicians has almost completely stopped.

1. Make a donation via the following link.
Donate what you can afford, £5 per person is the suggested minimum. Please do so as early as possible, as a rush of requests just before the gig may result in some people missing the start.
2. When we have received notification of your donation we will send you an email with instructions on how to view the livestream. Please note that this is not an automated process. Our volunteers may not respond immediately. Also remember that our message will go to the email account associated with your payment which may not be the one you usually use.
3. We recommend that you access and save the link as soon as you receive our instructions. On Saturday 29 August ‘doors open’ at 7.45pm to give you time to check your set up, get comfortable and chat with other members of the audience.